Chemical Kitchen

Chemical Kitchen, an entry level course at Imperial College London, is the innovative STEM course that 2020 absolutely requires. In it, students learn good laboratory practice through a simple and accessible activity - cooking. Designed by Jakub Radzikowski and Luke Delmas, Chemical Kitchen trains students in the practical lab skills they'll need as they move into … Continue reading Chemical Kitchen

Remote education workaround: the data generator

COVID-19 has challenged the traditional classroom set up - solutions and workarounds have emerged from all corners. One LabArchives instructor has designed a data generator that helps to ensure experimental design and independent analysis remain at the core of STEM courses even when students aren't on campus. Created by Gareth Denyer, Professor of Biochemical Education at the University … Continue reading Remote education workaround: the data generator

Preview: Chemistry eCourse Pack

LabArchives is many things. It’s an electronic lab notebook, teaching tool, grade book and learning platform. It’s also a one-stop-shop for course content. Inside of Lab Builder, our course content library, instructors can find and distribute things like lab manuals, protocols, assignments and projects. Lab Builder’s course packs contain everything instructors need to teach a … Continue reading Preview: Chemistry eCourse Pack