August 2019

Streaming STEM is a monthly installment that brings you the most recent, important, wild and revolutionary news on all things STEM. From geo-engineering, to the largest number of pi, to marine biology, veterinary science and ancestral ghosts each Streaming STEM update is a birds eye view of what’s been going on in the world of science, technology, engineering and math.

Fungal networks.. the O.G. SOcial media

Rendering of an underground fungal network

Fungal networks are great underground floor traders moving resources (like phosphorous) between plants and trees, bartering and trading. Sometimes they drive pretty tough deals and scientists now think they may operate with the tried and true “buy low, sell high” mentality.

Moldy motivation

Motivation for STEM folks (or really anyone who needs it!)

“This mold photo just became our #MondayMotivation. If mold can be this beautiful, you can do anything! ” – Now Science News


Using a new computer model you can now achieve the perfect light, round, fluffy crepe

When science meets delicious flat pancakes you get… the perfect crepes! Crepes are simple and delicious but easy to mess up. Novices end up with crepes that are too thin, or too fat or even lumpy. Thankfully scientists have derived the perfect method so this classy brunch item never falls short again.

Kissing lyme goodbye… hopefully

Ticks hide in dark warm places like in your dog’s coat, your armpits or even behind your ears YUCK

Summer is still in swing… which means we’re stilling spending more time than usual outside…which also means more there are more opportunities to run into a lyme ridden tick. So grab some bug repellent and put your faith in these new scientific developments that may help diagnose lyme disease from the start.

Sparks ‘n’ science

There is plenty of science behind the sparks you saw all summer. Get the down low before Labor Day Weekend so you can impress your friends at whatever BBQ you attend.

The Beautiful brain

The most detailed MRI scan of the human brain was recently completed.

A 100 hour MRI scan of the human brain was recently completed and it’s just so…. beautiful. Take a moment to appreciate this highly detailed, highly accurate study of the very thing that makes us think.

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