Streaming STEM is a monthly installment that brings you the most recent, important, wild and revolutionary news on all things STEM. From geo-engineering, to the largest number of pi, to marine biology, veterinary science and ancestral ghosts each Streaming STEM update is a birds eye view of what’s been going on in the world of science, technology, engineering and math.

Freaky fossils

The title of this article says it all….. “Peruvian fossils yield a four legged otter-like whale with hooves”… super strange. Give it a read to learn more about some of the wacky, wild and downright weird creatures scientists are finding evidence of in the fossil record.

The secret lives of librarians

Did you know NYC has over 12,000 librarians? And that there are more than 125,000 in the U.S alone? They’re an educational army bringing the world knowledge and preserving it with care. Give this article a read for a few other surprising facts on life as a librarian.

Black holE buzz

The woman behind the first ever image of a black hole. She finished grad school just a mere three years ago but has already managed to achieve a ‘first’. And it’s a huge ‘first’ at that. One that took the efforts of nearly 200 hundred scientists worldwide and ten days of scanning to capture an image of a black hole located literally 500 million trillion km away from earth. Chew on that.

Summertime Sadness

You want to get outside and enjoy summer but mosquitos put a damper on things. You want to go for a hike but you don’t want to get eaten alive. You want to protect your kids from bug bites but you don’t want to coat them in harmful chemicals either. There’s no way to win…. yet. Scientists have discovered a bacteria inside of worms that may be a more effective mosquito repellant than DEET!

Spider pig? Try zombie pig.

Scientists have successfully revived ‘partly alive’ cells from dead pigs’ brains. Understanding the injured brain and brain death is difficult …. and this research raises even more questions about the topic and the ethics surrounding it.

Print a heart

3D printing is changing the game (and in more industries than one)! Scientists have managed to 3D print a heart from a human patient’s cells. It’s complete with vessels, ventricles and chambers.

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