We are growing fast at LabArchives and we are very excited to announce the addition of three new people to our global team. Our main offices are located in Carlsbad, CA and the D.C. metropolitan area, but LabArchives team members can be found scattered throughout the states and abroad. Spread across at least nine time zones at any one time we don’t get to work together in person everyday but we keep things moving with video calls, emails and virtual water cooler chat like our NCAA March Madness bracket pool (the east coast LabArchives team performed very well this year).

Meet our newest members!

Sherry Cusano – Customer Care Representative, Northern Virginia Office

Sherry Cusano one of our new Customer Care Representatives.

Where are you from? Alexandria, VA

Where do you live now? Alexandria, VA

First job? Sales Associate at J.Crew.

What were you up to before joining the LabArchives team? I was a stay at home Mom for 5 years.

How’d you find LabArchives? LinkedIn. I was looking to get back into the full time workforce but found a laboratory work setting (my previous job) a bit monotonous. LabArchives is a great fit because I am able to branch away from typical lab bench work while being able to keep my foot in the science world. 

What’s your role at LabArchives? Customer Care Representative.

What are you excited about in this new role? I really look forward to helping out customers! I wish I had LabArchives when I worked in a laboratory and when I was a student and TA, so it’s really exciting to see how it’s improving the workflow of actual researchers and students.

Last trip you took for fun? Went to the Philippines last Spring Break with my family. It was my husbands and daughters first time there. We spent some time on the beach and did a mini ‘Zoofari’ where we feed lion and tiger cubs!

Sherry and her daughter in the Philippines.

Any pets? A Jack Russell terrier mix named Luna. 

Where are you working from today? The Great Falls office!

Jorge Ortega – Customer Care Representative, Carlsbad Office

Where are you from? Born and raised in Salina Cruz, Mexico for approximately 40 days. My family then moved to California and I’ve lived in California since then, so I’m as Californian as you can get.

Jorge Ortega, another new member of our Support Team!

Where do you live now? I live in sunny Oceanside, California.

First job? Crew member at McDonald’s.

Jorge in his home state, California.

What were you up to before joining the LabArchives team? I was a member of the support team for an Accounting software company.

How’d you find LabArchives? Good old ZipRecruiter. Loved the role description, so I sent in my resume and the rest is history.

What’s your role at LabArchives? Customer Care Representative, with a little of this and a little of that, as soon as I get up to speed.

What are you excited about in this new role? I’m excited to learn about the ins and outs of LabArchives and to be a “go to” person. I haven’t hosted webinars in my past roles, but I’m ready to tackle that new challenge.

Last trip you took for fun? Traveled to Morelos, Mexico to visit my wife’s family for the first time. The landscape was green and the air refreshing!

Where are you working from today? I’m working from our sunny Carlsbad office in California!

Nick Korbel- Senior Software Architect, Boston

Where are you from? Up until late 2018 I spent my entire life in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago

Nick Korbel – Senior Software Architect.

Where do you live now? In Natick, MA – about 15 miles west of Boston

First job? If we’re being very literal, it was probably cleaning floors and tool equipment at my dad’s company.

What were you up to before joining the LabArchives team? I was a Senior Software Development manager for Wayfair, working on their supply chain planning tools.

How’d you find LabArchives? I’ve had a unique relationship with LabArchives for a number of years now. I’m the author of LabAgenda, which has given me the opportunity to work with most of the folks here in an informal way for a while.

What’s your role at LabArchives? Senior Software Architect.

What are you excited about in this new role?The ability to have such a direct impact on the software we’re building is amazing. I love being able to get this close to the actual users.

Last trip you took for fun? My wife and I took a day trip down to Newport, RI to tour the mansions there on the ocean – including the 125,000 square foot Breakers Mansion, which was a “summer cottage” for the Vanderbilt family at the turn of the century.

Last trip you took for LabArchives? Heading out to Carlsbad tomorrow to meet the team and talk tech!

Nick and some monkeys.

Any pets? 3 cats – Skittle, Montoya, and Ollie (who is currently laying in my lap and “helping me work”)

Where are you working from today?
 My home office 

We are so excited to have added three more talented and interesting people to our team! But we aren’t done yet. Do you or someone you know want to join a fast paced, dynamic team? We are still hiring! Check out our open roles here.

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