Volcanism changing the course of human history…..

Volcanic activity has shaped human history, art and culture….. in 305 BCE volcanic activity sparked riots on the other side of the world… one eruption is even considered to have “charged” the French Revolution!

Geologist, artists, history buffs, and the like might find their work is even more interconnected then they originally thought!

Opportunity, the little rover that could

Opportunity shattered space exploration records!

After years of roaming Mars, The Opportunity rover has lost contact with NASA. While its original mission was only meant to last 90 “Martian days” Opportunity kept on keeping on for much much longer than that, 15 years to be exact. Opportunity boasts a strong resume as a space explorer having found areas where water might’ve once pooled on the red planet and shattering space exploration records.

The rover’s team were sad to see her go, “It’s like you fall in love with a car you’ve been driving since high school,” on team member said. “It’s sad to have to let go of that machine.”

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Pizza and AI… hot pies for all!

Pizza and AI!

Science and technology bringing students (and the entire university community) what they love… PIZZA! Check out what our enterprise partners The Ohio State University have recently installed on campus…. a Pizza ATM!

Pizza ATM Brand #pizza #za #collegecampus #vendingmachine #stem#ATM #pizzaATM #scienceandtech

Measles mysteries…

As some of us may remember… getting the measles vaccine wasn’t a pleasant experience. But it was worth it as this vaccines benefits are far reaching!

Can measles cause “immune amnesia”? Scientists are learning more about the effects this long studied infectious disease. Measles vaccines not only reduced the number of childhood deaths caused by the disease itself but also reduced the number of deaths caused by many other common illnesses like the flu.

#immunology #STEM #research #virus #medicine #healthsciences

Science and Comedy…..

Even robots can be funny.

Learn more about how scientists are using a game to create a data set that will train AI systems to have more casual, relaxed, and natural interactions with humans. The scientists goal: “put a finger onto the exact switch that induces the humor.”


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