Yesterday, Apple released its long awaited iOS 5 operating system for iPads and iPhones.  This latest edition includes a number of improvements, most significantly (at least for our rapidly growing list of LabArchives  customers), compatibility within Safari for “Rich Text” editing.    This means that effective immediately, you can now enter and edit rich text within your LabArchives Notebooks.

To take advantage of this capability, you will need to upgrade your iPad and/or iPhone systems via iTunes.  Once completed, this feature will automatically be enabled.  As you probably know, LabArchives automatically recognizes when you log in from an iPad or other tablet device.

Here at LabArchives, we are extremely excited about the rapid evolution of tablet devices, which are a nearly ideal device for use in the laboratory.  Unlike a desktop or laptop computer, they can be carried around with you, and are always “at the ready” when you want to record a finding or other bit of information.

Our future plans call for an “app” for both iPad and Android devices, which will provide an even better experience for our users.   However, there is no need to wait…just visit and log in.  LabArchives “knows” you are on a tablet and provides an optimized interface for that session.

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