We are pleased to announce that LabArchives has been selected for testing by the National Institutes of Health.  An NIH committee has reviewed a number of Electronic Notebook Programs (ELNs) and has selected LabArchives as one of the finalists to be tested by approximately 100 scientists beginning in early October.  The NIH committee is hoping to select a standard ELN for the entire campus, although it is certainly possible that there will be multiple “winners”.   We are certainly gratified to be among the contenders, and will work hard to ensure that the enthusiastic reception from our early adopters is shared by the NIH staff.

We have also been working on a variety of product enhancements in response to the many suggestions of our “Beta” testers.  We have just completed a version of LabArchives that can be installed on a local server (this is the version that the NIH will be using) which a number of potential users require due to security concerns / policies.  We are ready to begin testing this version, and are looking for a few more Beta testers to install LabArchives on their local servers.  Please contact me if you are interested in installing LabArchives in your lab.

Our development is only slightly behind schedule (which, for software, is a good thing), and we plan to release LabArchives commercially in the next 60 days or so.  Stay tuned for more updates.

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